Teeth Grinding

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“Keep a stiff upper lip” or “get a grip!” That’s often the advice we get—and give—on how to cope with stress. If you take it literally, the result could be grinding your teeth or clenching your jaws. It’s called bruxism, and often it happens as you sleep.  Teeth grinding can be caused not just by stress

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What are Composite Fillings (AKA White Fillings)?

June 17, 2018 - by uniteddentist - in Medical

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Composite resins (tooth-colored fillings) provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small- to mid-size fillings that need to withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing. They can be used on either front or back teeth. They are a good choice for people who prefer that their fillings look more natural.  Composites cost

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GUM DISEASE IN CHILDREN Chronic gingivitis. aggressive periodontitis and generalized aggressive periodontitis are types of gum disease in children. TYPES OF PERIODONTAL DISEASES IN CHILDREN Chronic gingivitis is common in children. It usually causes gum tissue to swell, turn red and bleed easily. Gingivitis is both preventable and treatable with a regular routine of brushing, flossing and professional

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Gum Disease and Women

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GUM DISEASE AND WOMEN A woman’s periodontal health may be impacted by a variety of factors. PUBERTY During puberty, an increased level of sex hormones, such as progesterone and possibly estrogen, causes increased blood circulation to the gums. This may cause an increase in the gum’s sensitivity and lead to a greater reaction to any

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